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Windward Coalition Newsletter

Windward Coalition Newsletter
Issue 4
January 2014

At the most recent meeting of Windward Coalition President Joan Graham with base Commander (CO) Col Annichiarico, the CO stated that the hours and flight patterns are at the discretion of the base because of “national security” concerns.  Prior meetings resulted in an improvement in the noise level which seemed to reflect a concern for the surrounding community.  Recent noise levels and changes in flight patterns have again become intolerable.  Other military aircraft operations in Hawaii generally conclude at approximately 8 PM. Are the Air Force and Army less patriotic or security conscious? Another interesting outcome was that the CO would meet with the Coalition president only, not allowing attendance of other community participants with aviation expertise to attend. The purported reason was again “national security” and/or the possibility of misrepresentation.  We suspect that this is a public relations approach, used previously by Marine Corps Base representatives, to allow them to refute or backtrack on statements made.

There was a time when flying neighborly was a consideration of mission planning for flights into and out of the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base. Daily “Wave Attenuation” reports were received each morning by squadron operations’ personnel to determine if atmospheric/weather conditions were such that the day’s training flights would need to be adjusted to help minimize the noise impact on the surrounding civilian population. E.g., on Kona wind days – no touch and go traffic.

Those days are obviously a thing of the past, as complaining residents are now told “The reason it was so noisy last night was due to an overcast sky, Kona wind conditions, it was raining, etc.” This is the “NEW NORM”, and has become the excuse-of the-day for the current unfriendly flying being conducted from Kaneohe Marine Corps Base.

Noise complaints: Keep them coming! Many of you have been frustrated by the lack of ability to reach a live person when calling the noise complaint hotline. This discourages the community from complaining and creates a perception that there is little or no dissatisfaction in the community.  The most effective way to log your complaint is to:
1. Call the noise hotline - 257-8832 or if you prefer to speak to a live person - the Command Watch Officer at 330-9636 and also;
2. It is very important you also fill out the Coalition’s online form to document your complaint at
UP COMING SENATE ELECTION … MOST IMPORTANT OF OUR LIVES! Seriously folks, when you look at Hawaii`s 50 plus years of statehood, and the fact that we have only had 5 US Senators the entire time, it is obvious that our next elected Senator will be in it for the long haul. So it is imperative that we, as voters, elect the person who will represent our community’s values and concerns. We must ask our senatorial candidates: How would you deal with the two main issues which negatively impact quality of life, environment, health and safety of the children and adults of Windward Oahu?

•1. Environmental noise and odor pollution from the Kailua sewage treatment plant.
•2. Environmental noise and air pollution from the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base. THESE ISSUES NEED TO BE ADDRESSED AT THE FEDERAL LEVEL. ELECT THE PERSON THAT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! .

On Thursday, November 7, the Kailua Neighborhood Board endorsed a proposed legal action seeking a judicially appointed “Special Master” to oversee management and proposed improvements of the Kailua Wastewater Management Plant. This was a response to decades of residents’ extreme frustration with environmental pollution (noise, air and water) by the Plant.
A Special Master is an individual (usually an attorney or person with relevant expertise) who performs an in-depth examination of all issues with the Plant and offers advice to a judge in regard to how best proceed.
The Kailua Neighborhood Board has endorsed this action with the goal of finally resolving issues plaguing neighborhood residents.

Secretary, Windward Coalition
Electronic form for noise complaint -
Electronic sewer noise and odor complaints -

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